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Monday, September 25, 2017

#gKIDS - New EP - Party Crashers

Tonye Brown // 12:21 AM // , , , , ,
#gKIDS are back with a new EP.
Mike O and I put a lot into this EP and it's our best work yet. Give it a listen below or Listen to it on Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music.

I think you'll love a few songs on here.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Lecrae - I'll Find You ft. Tori Kelly + Lyric Video

Tonye Brown // 4:06 PM // , , ,
The big homie is back with a new single featuring the amazing, beautiful Tori Kelly. This collaboration has been a long time coming. It's available on all major music services online. Give it a listen, share with a friend.

Lecrae - I'll Find You ft. Tori Kelly

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Truevined - 2017 - New Single - Fade

Tonye Brown // 10:42 PM // , , ,
Check my new single out:
Fade. Available on Spotify, iTunes, Play Music.
NOT talking about getting faded lol

Everything that we treasure whose source is from earth will one day fade to nothing. Only thing eternal is God's love for us and the gift of salvation He's given. Trust in what and Him who is eternal.

Fade Audio (Free Download)

Fade Music Video

Truevined - 2017 - New Single - Hold Me

Tonye Brown // 10:42 PM // , , ,
Check out my new single "Hold Me"

Listen on Spotify, iTunes or Play Music

Hold Me (Free download)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Release - Truevined - Ruth B - Lost boy (Remix)

Tonye Brown // 12:56 AM // , , ,
Truevined's new release "Ruth B Lost Boy remix". FYI, Truevined is me, I produced and mastered the song: It's available for streaming and download everywhere. Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Play Music, Deezer.

New Release - Truevined - Vessels ft. Tim Keller

Tonye Brown // 12:38 AM // , , ,
Vessels, inspired by a Tim Keller sermon is available for streaming and download everywhere.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge #SoGoneChallenge

Tonye Brown // 7:58 AM // , , ,
Every rapper and their best friend has dropped a verse on this beat in the last week or so; here's my contribution!

Don't worry if this is shocking to you; I also forgot that I'm a rapper 😂

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge by Bezalel



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