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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge #SoGoneChallenge

Tonye Brown // 7:58 AM // , , ,
Every rapper and their best friend has dropped a verse on this beat in the last week or so; here's my contribution!

Don't worry if this is shocking to you; I also forgot that I'm a rapper 😂

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge by Bezalel

Friday, April 15, 2016

Yah Buddy - Fresh New Beat

Tha Gate Keepa // 2:24 AM //

 Yah Buddy is one of the latest beats and with these smooth snares, hats, kicks, 808's, vox, keys, strings, and so much more this is bound to give someone a sweet smooth song. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

New Beat Posted - Walk the Line

Tha Gate Keepa // 2:12 PM // , , , ,
Walk The Line is the latest beat that Tha Gate Keepa and I recently co-produced.
Subs, piano, calm melodies, super smooth; you know, the regularly stuff you've come to expect from Soundamentalists!!

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

The Best Christian Hip-hop Albums of 2015 - My Top 10

Tonye Brown // 3:12 AM // , , , , , , ,
It's been a great 2015. Not just because God blessed me lots this year, but because there was a good number of great records released.

Of these great records, these were the regulars on my phone; I replayed each of these records so much I took a break from listening to them for a little bit.

1. FERN - 68 and Douglas (EP)
If I were to choose my favourite album/EP for the year, this would probably be it. I knew this EP would be good after hearing the single "No Love". Every track was straight heat; Fern never runs out of bars; and his flow is just so clean and fresh. If you chose one album to get from this list, get this one.
FERN - 68 and Douglas (EP)

2. Dre Murray - 34
I actually just heard this album a few days ago. 34 is so classy, if that makes sense. Dre Murray has no shortage of bars; I was going "Whew!!" more than a few times on this album, and not many albums do that to me.
Dre Murray - 34

3. Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Southern Lights: Overexposed
As you can see, I like Dre Murray's work. Both he and Alex Faith made this album great; they fed of each other good. It deserves a spot on your collection if you want some smooth clean hip-hop to ride to.
Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Southern Lights: Overexposed

4. Fedel - FLAW
This album had no shortage of bass-heavy bangers. It was also refreshing because the homie (I've actually never met Fedel, but if I had, we'd be homies) is unashamedly Christian and kills every beat. No weak tracks.
Fedel - FLAW

5. Andy Mineo - Uncomfortable
As I usually do with most Reach Records albums, when they're released I listen to them and replay them non-stop for like 2 days until I can't listen to the album anymore. This one is no different.
If you want to introduce a friend who's not big into hip-hop, this album could convert them. Andy really shows how much of a creative force he is musically on Uncomfortable.
Andy Mineo - Uncomfortable

6. Derek Minor - Empire
I almost always judge whether I'll like an album based on the singles released; yes, this is what singles are meant to do; hype the album up. "Who You Know" did that for me; it's still one of my favourite gym jams. Derek Minor did good with this one; a good number of bangers and a good number slower jams.
Derek Minor - Empire

7. NF - Mansion
NF has been around for a while, but I became a fan this year. His style of hip-hop is not the regular commercial sound, but more intense and very cinematic and thematic. It's hard to explain, but most of his album sounds like it could be a soundtrack for a movie. This dude can actually rap; he's new-ish on the block, but he's no semi-pro or amateur; he made this album like a heavyweight that knows he's one.
NF - Mansion - 2015 album

8. Json - No Filter
Json knows how to turn up. He's one of those guys (like Derek Minor, Tedashii, Fedel, etc.) who I expect to drop a new song for me to train to. This album delivers bangers and a lot of thought provoking messages.
Json - No Filter

9. Benjah - Motives
This album is so smooth and so hype. It's not the best lyrically, but it definitely made the list because it's so well produced and sounds very commercial without being corny. Benjah stepped up big time with this one.

Benjah - Motives

10. Eshon Burgundy - The Fear of God
Eshon Burgundy always brings it lyrically; I'm excited to hear whatever he releases and this album released under Humble Beast is very beastly. Right from the intro you can tell that Eshon isn't here to play any games; he tells the truth as it is, challenges me and exalts God (something that is sadly, quite rare in Christian hip-hop).
Eshon Burgundy - The Fear of God

11. Honorable mentions
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly - Some explicit songs, not a Christian album, but very thought provoking; I was listening to it for 2 days. Don't hate.

Justin Beiber - Purpose - My favourite non-christian album of 2015. It's not explicit at all; very well-produced, has a very strong positive message that points to God in many songs, etc. Don't hate.

KB - Tomorrow We Live - KB's 100 (EP) was a tad bit better in my opinion, but this album is still great; KB gets my respect for taking a few creative/musical risks on this; most paid off.

Marty - Marty For President (EP) - Social Club thinks they're the best and they sure are making records like it. With the exception of the last song that Marty trolls his listeners by singing, I think the album is great. As a matter of fact, this album isn't in my top 10 because of the last song on the EP.

Tony Tillman - Camden - Very very solid album; this is number 11 on my top 10 albums. Tony Tillman brought it, but unfortunately about 3 songs fell flat for me; they weren't bad but the other songs were so good that I sense they were filler tracks. I still regularly play this album though.

Okay,I know I probably missed your favourite album. If you're mad at me, drop the album title in the comments.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why are we still using Mercator Projection?

Tonye Brown // 8:55 AM // , , , ,
My friend, Kris, shared a short video on my facebook timeline about how inaccurate most maps are.

If you have studied geography extensively, you might know this: Most [commerical] maps use Mercator projection which falsely depicts certain areas on the map larger or smaller than they actually are. The Mercator Projection widely used today was created in the16th-century by Gerardus Mercator, a Flemish cartographer.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, Kris shared this video with me just as I was preparing to go to bed. I ended up staying up all night doing some research (un-brainwashing my brain) from the LIES I've been told all my life. I once saw a post about something like this on facebook, but it never clicked until now.

Classic [Mercator] world map
Mercator Projection world map
For starters, in the image above, consider how big North America appears to be in comparison to Africa. One would be prone to assume that Africa is considerably smaller in terms of area. Better yet, consider how big Greenland is; about the same size as Africa. 

The fact is, Africa is 14 times as big as Greenland. This problem is known as The Greenland Problem. Furthermore, all of North America & Greenland would both fit in Africa, with room to spare. 

Discovering all this not only makes me question the education system but ask why big corporations like Google still use the ancient Mercator projection in their technology. Google Maps uses the traditional Mercator system.

The National Geographic Society seems to be the only group (that I know of) taking steps forward and abandoning the 500-year old Mercator Projection. They use the Winkel tripel Projection system, which is neither area-equal (like the Peter Projection) nor conformal (like the Mercator projection).

I know, based on my "research" that reproducing a 3D map on a 2D surface is difficult. I also know that technology is (and has been for a while) at a place where we can reproduce a map projection more accurate than the traditional Mercator system.

So, it would appear that we have simply chosen to live in ignorance instead of fixing an obvious problem. A problem that exaggerates the size of objects near the north and south pole (USA, Russia, etc) and reduces the size of objects near the equator (e.g. Africa).

Could the cause of this problem be White Supremacy? Maybe. But that's a whole other story.

There are a few questions that need to be raised.

1. Why does Mercator Projection show the sizes of countries/continents incorrectly?
I couldn't answer this question any better than G.D did on this article on The Economist

"One of the Mercator projection’s fiercest critics was Arno Peters, a German historian. He reckoned that the widespread use of Mercator out of the thousands of projections available was a sign of bias. In Peters’ view, the Mercator projection was preferred because it exaggerates the size of northern European countries to make them appear more powerful when set against their conquests in the southern hemisphere. His solution, a modified projection known as the Galls-Peters projection, preserves area."

Another answer to this question is that this exaggeration of objects at both the north and south pole (making them appear larger than they actually are) is as a result of the difficulty in accurately representing a sphere on paper.

2. Why aren't more people using Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate System?
This projection (also known as UTM projection) is a variant of the traditional Mercator projection. UTM is used by the military. 
Why this more accurate projection of the world map is not being used to educate us is a mystery to me. 

3. Why is Antarctica so big on the world map? 
The simple answer is this: because the Mercator system depicts it that way. See question 1.
You see how gigantic Antartica is? Antartica is maybe 3 times the size of Australia and maybe about 2/3 the size of Africa. This problem can be called The Antartica Problem

4. What is the best map projection
There are tons of map projections. The best map projection depends on what you want out of that map, but there are many maps that now serve more than one purpose.

My favourite map projection is:
Hobo-Dyer Projection: It's the most aesthetically pleasing map of all I've seen. It's the grown-up brother of Peter's projection and Robinson's projection.
Hobo-Dyer Projection

If I were to go back in time as an explorer without any of today's technology, my favorite map projection would be:
Azimuthal Projection. It's pretty cool; check it out.
azimuthal map projection

5. Any other map projections worth looking at?
I discovered many more interesting Map projections from this list on Wikipedia.

Resources - Compare the size of different countries to each other.

I have two questions for you:

a. Why is the traditional Mercator projection system still being used by Google and others?

b. Is the education system silently brainwashing us into holding white supremacist behavior? See question 1 above for a brief reminder.

How to do push-ups and pull-ups correctly (video example)

Tonye Brown // 1:34 AM // , , , ,
I see so many guys (and girls) who are in great shape consistently do push-ups and pull-ups incorrectly. Basically sacrificing quality for quantity. How is it that so many people perform basic movements so wrongly? Very simple answer, they never learned how, and their friends are usually not brave enough to call them out.

I'll call you out if your form is wrong, and I expect the same from people I train with.

Let the rant begin.

How to do a push-up and pull-up correctly

The most common errors when doing the push-up

1. Partial range of motion; hello there masters of half-reps.
2. Flailing elbows; not just bad, but messing your joints up too.
3. Not keeping the body straight while pushing up and coming down
4. Dropping down without control, hence, not working the chest on the way down

How to do a push-up and pull-up correctly

The most common errors when doing the pull-up:

1. Half reps. If your chin does not cross the bar, you're playing.
2. Favouring one-arm over the other, hence body not going up straight.
3. Moving too much (kipping, etc.)
4. Not controlling your pull-up descent; killing your joints and wasting reps.

Now we know what the bad is, how do you perform a proper pull-up and push-up? Here's how:
1. Always perform your movements using full-range of motion.
2. Control the decentric part of whatever movement you're making.
3. Be conscious of your hand and elbow position to prevent favouring one side.
4. Breathe properly (in most cases, you breathe out as you're pulling, pushing, etc. and out when descending).

Here's a short video that shows everything I mentioned and more.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Soundamentalists - All New Beats Are Up & Ready

Tha Gate Keepa // 10:23 PM // , , , ,
The Soundamentalists are an award winning Canadian production duo consisting of two super producers; I, Bezalel Truevined and Tha Gate Keepa. We bring together over 20 years of musicianship and 10+ years of music production experience; we've crafted hit records for both signed and independent musicians all over the world.

The collection below contains some of our latest work; check it out below.

new hip-hop beats posted



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