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Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Beat - Give it all back

Tha Gate Keepa // 9:04 AM //
Tha Gate Keepa and I are back with an incredible beat and this one is hard hitting with strings, drums, choirs, 808's, and you name it. #WeAreBack #FullForce 

Welcome To The Beat Store

Tha Gate Keepa // 8:24 AM // is the #1 site to buy beats and sell hip hop beats online and our instrumentals are available to artists and performers around the world. With over 10 years of experience along with winning producer of the year in 2014 we continue to make some of the best beats in music today. Our goal is to keep growing and to give some of the best customer serves to all that purchase from us at Soundamentalists. We thank you for visiting and are honored to be working with you on your next project. 

Your's truly, Soundamentalists.

New Beat 4 Yah Ears

Tha Gate Keepa // 8:15 AM // has made a brand new beat that has a great feel and we are gonna be making 1 beat per day, so get ready for some of the best production around.


New beat #HipHop #Rap #R&B #EastCoast #WestCoast #Beats #Instrumental

Tha Gate Keepa // 8:13 AM //
Tha Gate Keepa and I from Soundamentalists are back and better then ever with a brand new beat and this has such a great feel to it that will have anyone making an awesome song that is most def to be a smash #1 hit 

213 = fresh new beat

Tha Gate Keepa // 8:12 AM //
213 is a fresh new beat from Tha Gate Keepa and I here at Soundamentalists and this track has a good feel, with tight drums, and will have you flowing all day long. #WeAreBack #OneBeatPerDay ---->

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge #SoGoneChallenge

Tonye Brown // 7:58 AM // , , ,
Every rapper and their best friend has dropped a verse on this beat in the last week or so; here's my contribution!

Don't worry if this is shocking to you; I also forgot that I'm a rapper 😂

Bezalel - So Gone Challenge by Bezalel

Friday, April 15, 2016

Yah Buddy - Fresh New Beat

Tha Gate Keepa // 2:24 AM //

 Yah Buddy is one of the latest beats and with these smooth snares, hats, kicks, 808's, vox, keys, strings, and so much more this is bound to give someone a sweet smooth song. 



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