Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anthem for the Ladies: SO Beautiful by Alcam (@alcam314)

Anthem for the Ladies: SO Beautiful by Alcam
So, I just stumbled upon this song called So Beautiful by Alcam.
If you're a lady, it will make you smile, if you're a dude, it should make you smile too.

Dedicated to all the Beautiful women of God out there... Yeah, you Classy!!

Listen to it below and Buy it on iTunes.

It's a week to Valentine's Day; this should be a for sure list on your playlist for you and that special person (be it a man, lady or Jesus).


  1. "or Jesus" fav part of your post :)

  2. lol yeah, that's what many of us will be gladly doing this Valentine's :D
    Date with Jesus coming up soon ;)

  3. THIS IS AWESOME! :DD Oh my goodness thankss for sharing!




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