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Judging (and revenge)

Everybody judges someone else from time to time right? Usually, yes, but I’ll leave that for you to answer.

What does the Bible say about judging?
(Hebrews 10:30) God will judge his people.
That same verse says that vengeance (REVENGE) belongs to God, meaning that we cannot under any circumstance retaliate or return evil for evil... I know, easier said (or typed) than done, but the fact is that we should never pay back, evil for evil.

The key is practice; practice makes perfect right? Right.
So practice not retaliating or revenging or paying back and with time, it’ll be part of you.
Do not revenge when you’re hurt, instead treat the person hurting you with love.

Why? Romans 12:20 - if your enemy is hungry, feed him, if he’s thirsty give him a drink, if he insults you, bless him... and by doing so you’re heaping coals of fire on his head. Have that verse with you at all times.

Also, Matthew 7:1 - Judge not and you will not be judged. A very smart and wise man of God said:
“When an individual commits suicide, no one except God can say whether the individual is going to Heaven or hell”. Basically, what he was saying is this: God is able to save anyone (I don't know how) even at the very second before the person dies. Jesus may very well appear to the person and the person might receive Jesus and get saved from eternal death.

Concerning judging, we as believers are not to go around throwing stones at every other person who misses something important from time to time.

We should judge sometimes, and other times not:
- We should judge and examine other believers and lovingly tell them when they are in the wrong.
- We should not look down on other believers or unbelievers; never forget that the only reason you are saved is because you became aware and got convicted of your sin, and then asked Jesus to save you.

Instead of judging, pray and talk to the person. God can save anyone regardless of how "bad" the person is.

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