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Motivate One another | Build each other up with God's love

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Okay, I was thinking, what can I write for True Vine Productions today? God delivered the answer immediately. Here's a little intro.
I started lifting weights about a month ago... but because of some tests at school, going on a 24hour fast every other day (don't ask)... I didn't do any lifting for 2 weeks. Yesterday, I was like, I'm feeling a little small today (my chest). However, me and Kyle went today... so, I'm back on track... thank God.

Ok, I decided to do some research on motivation (because, if I was motivated enough, I don't think an hour at the wellness center would have stopped me from studying)... I found the verse... Hebrews 10:24 (mouse over to read the verse). The International Standard version of the Bible quotes that verse as ...And let us continue to consider how to motivate one another to love and good deeds...
Kyle called me today and informed me that he was going to the wellness center to lift some weights and invited me. I probably wouldn't have gone today if he didn't... an act of love don't you think?
I believe the title and that Bible verse say enough. So, I'll end by saying, Motivate one another(your friends, family, everybody) through acts of love(kind words, etc). Okay? Good.


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