Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video Editing in After Effects - For God's glory

Tonye Brown // 10:44 PM // ,
Okay... so I guess you've all seen the fancy animations that have been done for John Piper's messages/sermons/whatever you name it. I once thought that those animations were done with flash cs4 or so... but I was very very wrong. They are done with Adobe After Effects.

Wondering what I'm talking about? Well here's a clue... take a look at the video HERE. You get the picture?

Well, so what's this post about? Well, God laid it on my heart recently to learn Adobe after effects for some stuff that will be a blessing to me and my family... so I've taken an online tutorial course for the last two days for about 10 hours (plus or minus 2).

The results I'm getting are not bad at all and I give God all the glory. I've done one 13 second video with one of my beats and it looks good. I'll post it soon for you guys to see.

I pray that God uses this newly developing skill for His glory and not mine (in Jesus name (Amen)).

Peace and God bless you.



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