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Change is good even in the Church

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Change is good in the Church. The video below is a promo for a Pastor's conference but the Pastor from Church on the move(which seems like an awesome church btw + they have an awesome website) talks about change.
Please note that the church being referred to below is the Church (place of worship), not the body of believers that makes up the church, the bride.

He stated that In some Churches, the church has impact on one generation but finds it difficult to impact the next generation. Why? Because there's no change or transition in that church(place of worship).

Change is good and for the church to draw people to it, we need to be relevant (not that the gospel can be irrelevant... that's impossible). We need to take steps as believers, leaders, stewards, servants... to be relevant somewhat to what is needed.

Yes, not everybody is into Christian rap and all, but it should not be something frowned upon by elders in a church. Not everybody likes pop, but who says pop can't be godly and why can't a pop song exalting Christ and the Holy Trinity be sang in church?

I believe music is very very essential in any church and there's no place in the Bible that says that we'll be singing hymns in Heaven(you know what I'm talking about)... so let's embrace change... of course, change that is in line with the Bible, not having a gay(homosexual) pastor or priest (which clearly contradicts the Bible), see 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Okay, why did I write this?
We need change in the Church. Many people think that the church is old school... but hey, we shouldn't care about what they think right?
WRONG!!! We should care. We Christians are here to win souls for Christ not to be right.

I believe(and know) that this generation loves music and will love to see "their" music genres in church and will definitely be more into church if the music was more "their" style. I would definitely go to a church that had some Holy rap incorporated in worship... not too much... keyword "some".

Rambling makes no difference. Let's all united as one take it to God in prayer and ask our Father in Heaven to open the hearts and eyes of our leaders in Church to see ways to win this generation for Him.

21 Promo from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

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