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How to win this generation - my checklist

Okay, we all know that we need saving. Some people do, others don't. Some think they've got it all figured out, "Go to school, work hard, get married, have a family", basically be successful... that just is not enough.

The only fulfillment and satisfaction that is guaranteed to last a lifetime(even after death) is Jesus Christ.

1. Prayer - A strong prayer life will definitely boost your confidence in God. Why? When God answers a prayer, you have greater faith in His awesome ability/abilities.

2. Love - Love is patient, kind... act with and in love to one another (the body of Christ - believers) and the world likewise and they will be drawn to the God we serve. Don't be a freak!!!. A freak is someone who does not associate with people, looks down on them, ignores them, then out of the blue one day approaches a coworker and starts preaching. What's missing there? No love. NOTE: The freak in context IS NOT a Jesus freak.

3. Reaching out (Evangelism) - We have to go out and fulfill the commission. Go alone, go with a friend, just spread the gospel. What is going out? Example, you're at McDonalds eating some fries, you see a random person who says hi to you, you get to talking, you listen, talk, interact, share the gospel. Just replace McDonalds with any other place you find yourself at, be it where you work or work out.

4. Living as an example - I think this one is self-explanatory. Do not be a hypocrite. Live what you preach, teach or claim to believe in. Don't let the gospel be looked down upon, or considered less than it is because of sin... God doesn't like that.

5. Do not look down on sinners - I believe a sinner can tell when you consider them less than yourself. Remember, the only difference between you and a sinner is that someone loved you enough (and did not look down on you) to tell you about Jesus Christ, Whom you received, a free Gift. We're all saved by grace, not because some of us are better than the others not saved.

6. Faith - the last on the list but the greatest. It is impossible to please God without faith. We should act like winners. We have already won the battle. Don't act like we're on the losing side. Be confident irregardless of what's happening in the world that God is able to save this generation, and God will.

I might add more to this list... or not, either way, I'm glad I did this and I pray that God helps me follow it.

Thank You Jesus, God and Holy Spirit for the wisdom.

If any lacks wisdom, let he/she ask of God who gives(wisdom) abundantly without finding fault and it(wisdom) will be given to him/her. James 1:5


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