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Prevent spiritual viruses

I previously posted something here on True Vine Productions relating you(your entire living body, etc) to an operating system. Call me a nerd, but I'm going to continue with the same "revelation" in this post.

A small recap... The Operating system (the Kingdom OS), can be defined as a set of rules and procedures (or programs) which function together to result in you (your life, etc), functioning at it's very best.

You obviously need a good anti-virus to run on your operating system. A computer(a human in this case) without an anti-virus(shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16-18)) that goes online(out into the world) will almost definitely get a virus(an attack from the devil).
Just as the ways to get viruses online in the computer world are constantly increasing, it also is the same in the spiritual world.

Okay... the only anti-virus that can work perfectly without any flaw is God. He is our shield and protector(Psalms 33:20).

Okay... you have an anti-virus installed in your operating system... that's not all there is to it. There are steps you need to take to keep your system functioning at it's best(virus free). The biggest and most important step anyone will tell you is this.... don't go to websites(places) where you can get viruses online(in the world) especially through your browser(your eyes) and any other connected media(ears, hands, etc).

What am I saying, Don't look at stuff that you shouldn't, don't touch what you shouldn't, don't listen to what you shouldn't.

Stay safe online(both technologically and spiritually).

† God's grace be with us all †


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