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T.D. Jakes saved from an explosion at his home

Bishop T.D. Jakes, a household name all over shared a miracle(testimony) at his church.(If you don't know him, read about him on Wikipedia)
God kept and preserved him, delivered and saved him from an explosion that occurred at his home.
Here's a summary of his testimony...
The place where he usually prepares every Sunday morning for his church services was blown to pieces. Experts say that if he was there, he would not have survived... his body would have been scattered all over literally.
How did it happen? God told him to cancel a meeting that he would have had in the room that exploded... and he listened.
Watch the video for the complete story. (Footage of the explosion is shown from a security camera).
No weapon formed against you can prosper. God will not let it.

Bishop T.D. Jakes survives an explosion image. Thank God.

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