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I killed a man - A confession

I killed a man on True Vine Productions
You wondering what this is?
It is a real-life confession. Read on.

I killed a man for the first time in 1997, but I didn't do a good job, I saw him some years later.
He was still breathing and fighting hard to get me, He was still living strong and he was growing inside me.
I gave up fighting him and let him have his way with me. He tormented me, deceived me, did his best to ruin me.
Almost 10 years later when he was close to repaying me, I got back in shape and took his life, I killed him. Better put, I killed me, gave this life completely. It was 2007, this time I did it good, I got rid of every trace of him from my soul.
His name is flesh, I killed him when I went to Christ, but I have to kill him daily cos he'll live till the rapture. I'm not a murderer, no!, I live the ten commandments, I don't kill people, I killed me, it's suicide.

Call the Ghost busters, I'm a dead man walking, I'm not The Undertaker because I live by the paper. I'm not talking about cash, I mean that holy paper, The good and perfect will of God the Father, Jehovah.

I'm not suicidal, just a little radical, RIP, my flesh, I'm now in Christ, Good bye.

Your turn. Tell me... 
When did you kill your flesh and start fighting daily to be holy? 

Mine was 2007.
Let's get a movement started, spread the word(share this article).
We're proud to fight the flesh daily, let's scream it out loud. God bless you.

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