Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, God bless you

Bezalel // 12:01 AM //
I'm not going to lie... I scheduled this post because I won't be able to post this today because I will be enjoying Christmas. Did you get anything I just said? If you didn't... it's fine... all I really wanted to say is...

Have a blessed, happy and Merry Christmas... and a happy new year!

Do your best to enjoy Christmas this year... the only reason Christmas is like a very popular holiday is because of Jesus... whether or not the devil tries to make it about gifts, Santa Claus, trees, it can't be taken away from Jesus... remember that and enjoy it, don't let people or anybody bring you down. Christ birth (whether or not is in December) is being celebrated today, so enjoy it, He's the reason for the season, He's the reason we're still breathing.

This might be my last post this year(no promises though)... so if it is, I hope and pray to see you guys here next year... 2011, by God's grace.
Thanks to everyone who has commented, viewed, liked, read, agreed/disagreed... I appreciate you all.

God bless you abundantly.



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