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What is Calvinism missing?

Thanks everyone for replying...
Like I said in the discussion, "correct me if I'm wrong"... thanks Casey for clarifying what Calvinists believe in...
I guess I don't watch John Piper and others a lot to know if they only preach persecution only... so that was probably a misjudgment on my part, same as many ppl do about other preachers/ministers :D
So a good summary will be this: Christians will be persecuted and suffer for Christ, but we will also enjoy God's favor, blessings and mercy (Deuteronomy 28:13, 3 John 1:2) and we should rejoice and be thankful to God in both situations.
Love y'all :D

Here is a snippet of a discussion I started on The REHAB center, Lecrae's website for his album Rehab.

Maybe a better way to put it is "What is Calvinism missing?".
I am not a Calvinist but I know some Calvinists I love, John Piper, another I kinda like, Mark Driscoll.
They are brothers and fellow believers so I have no right to talk bad about them (like many people around here do, throwing the word Heretic around :D )... but I don't agree with their views on certain things.
One view I particularly do not believe in (and if I'm wrong; that is, stating what Calvinists believe, do correct me) is that we must suffer... and suffer and suffer... that's what I've heard from many Calvinists I've listened to. Uh uh.

Persecution is promised in the Bible, but so is success, so is good health, so is spiritual and material blessings(also here on earth as well as in Heaven)... we were directed to give and help the poor (and others less fortunate)... we can't be poor or broke and fulfill this commandment.

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