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You Need To Hear This - Well Done

I was just going to post that I just created this new hype, dancy, fast beat... sort of... but I think we're all beyond that...
Brief Intro
Before I make any beat, I think of a name for the beat (well, a title...). 
Why? I think it gives the artist a starting point on what to write/talk about/communicate if he/she/they were to purchase that beat.

So, this one just sort of came to me from God, "Well Done"... meaning what? "Well done my good and faithful servant...", the words I want and pray to hear from God at the end... Amen.

I read this morning(while eating breakfast and having my mini-devotion) that you cannot get the prize unless you run the race according to the rules (2 Timothy 2:5).

So my question is, "Are you running this Christian race according to the rules? Following the Bible word for word?"...
If you are, thank God and congratulations, and stay strong, grow more.
If you aren't, please change now... not soon or later, now. It's never too late to come into God's rest.

Won't it be wonderful if all of us, God's children get a huge smile and a pat on the back from God on that great day, and the phrase "Well done My good and faithful servant...".
That would be awesome... wow.

Ok... finally... the beat.(Listen to it.. you'll love it.. I hope :D)

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