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Canton Jones explains his song "In Da Club"

Canton Jones Explains the song In Da Club Image
Well well well, I believe you've probably heard Canton Jones' song, In Da Club.
You may be one of the people who love it, or one of those who hate it, either way, it's an amazing song, musically and otherwise.
I have to mention that this song has generated a huge HUGE discussion and debate on Rapzilla and yeah, we believers have to stop jumping to conclusions, me included.

I and a bunch of others have been waiting for an explanation for the bleeped out parts of the song and Canton Jones explained himself and well, it was worth the wait.
All I'm going to say is this, In Da Club is a testimony and I love it.
(If you haven't heard the original song, scroll down to the last video below to hear it)

The Explanation

The Original song

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