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Christian Hip Hop - CHH

Christian hip-hop - CHH artists list[[ UPDATED ]]

Christian Rap, Christian Hip Hop, Gospel Rap, Holy Hip Hop all mean the same thing and have the same purpose... well, they should have the same purpose:

1. To glorify God,
2. To teach, encourage and instruct, and 
3. Last but not least, to provide good music.

CHH artists I listen to often (and their twitter pages)

Lecrae @Lecrae
Tedashii @tedashii
Derek Minor @derekminor
Da' T.R.U.T.H. @truthonduty
Reconcile @reconcileus
Trip Lee @triplee116
Sho Baraka @lionsandliars
KJ 52 @kj52
JSon @json116
Flame @flame314
Andy Mineo @andymineo
NF @nfrealmusic
Thi'sl @thisl
Viktory @viktoryr4
Jin @mcjin
Eshon Burgundy @eshonburgundy
Bizzle @mynameisbizzle
Canon @getthecanon
Canton Jones @thecantonjones
FEDEL @fedelmusic
Swoope @MrSwoope
Alex Faith @alexfaithatl
Dre Murray @dremurray22

Those are the heavyweights in CHH that get me excited when I hear of the possibility of a new album.

There's lots of good Christian Hip-hop out there; don't believe the bad rep the genre gets; there's talented musicians killing it. 

Search for more artists around here (or on google, youtube, etc), or contact me for a bigger list of these gifted musicians.

Christian rap is not dead, Christian rap advisory, extreme worship of God

Updated to include more CHH artists/musicians, header image

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