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Did you know that the part of your brain that handles your thoughts and thinking, the cerebrum, is in front of your head? Take a look at the picture below.
No. I didn't write this post just to tell you that your thinking process is controlled by the Cerebrum.

Think about this statement.
You can't move forward while your mind is backwards
You can't move forward and grow with God when your mind is stuck with the archaic ways of the world. 

You need to renew your mind(through the correct application of God's Word, and accepting His Son, Jesus as your Lord and Saviour) for you to move forward and grow in your relationship with God.

You can't move forward(grow) if your brain, which encompasses your mind is being filled with filth. 
To move forward, you need to think in line with God and His Word, and that is impossible when you put garbage in your mind.

This 2011, stay away from evil movies, music, books, people, etc. 
What I mean by stay away is not that you should cut-off and not be lights of God to them, but that you should be careful to make your interactions with them be of benefit to God not the devil; you influence them, not the opposite.... yeah, noted to myself too.

In Christ.

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