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Give Your Perfume

I came across this statement while reading Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand.(Link to get it on Amazon)... good book by the way.

He wrote:
A flower, if you bruise it under your feet rewards you by giving  it's perfume.

Isn't that one fine statement?

A very true statement too. If you stepped on a beautiful red rose on the ground, you would most likely smell the rose's perfume.

What if we believers lived a perfume-giving life.

An unbeliever(someone who doesn't have Christ in their hearts) may not get it and might even ask: "Why?"... "Why do you take so much crap and give none back?", with regard to the statement below.

A Perfume-Giving Life
A lifestyle, a whole and totally new godly way-of-life that only constitutes repaying good for evil, never repaying bad for bad (never evil for evil).

If someone hurts (steps on) you (the beautiful flower), reward the person with your perfume by either being honestly and genuinely kind (not fake and hypocritical) and pray for them. Be a Light, and hopefully lead someone to Christ or be an example to our younger brothers and sisters both in and outside the faith (we on the Christian walk/run/race) on how to live so they can grow and be perfume givers as well.

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