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Like I do

Do you have Christ like I do? Hate or appreciate Him, you could die to live like I do.

Eyes opened up, I see my flesh is pleased too easily, so play hard to get to sin like I do.

Christ died to save me, Now I get joy from Him not things so please worship Him like I do.

I was missing like a captain in Vietnam, God sent His Commando to get me out of the dungeon, so I'll rather be crazy to the world rather than miss out on exalting Him like Spurgeon, and take the shame for knowing Him, please do like I do.

They say I smile a lot, His grace shows a lot, whether I try to or not, He chooses to use the lost, so I'll act the part like Freeman except I Lean on Him, not me, mimic Him, not sin, copy Christ like I do.

I have sinned a lot, I'll probably sin again, with God all things are possible so there's a chance that my flesh, will lose it's hold over me and I will cease to sin, so I try hard to press and not to look back on the mess that God knew that I would do yet sent His Mantle to undo the mess that I did, I do and may or not do, so love Hebrews 11 the way that I do.

Is it possible to sin and commit treason against the King yet couple of seconds later God has mercy and uses you to do a big thing?

Does God care that you sinned, that you leaned on that dude or girl, that you stripped and showed His temple for some agent from Hell? That you misrepresented Him and made that soul rather go to hell than be a part of what You believe in all so yo can belong? Does God care that you once knew Him, loved Him and respected Him, now you go around using the greatest Name as a curse word, using the greatest gift He gave to you to exalt Him for sin?

Yes God does. He hates sin. I hate sin but I attract her to me.

Every man or woman is tempted by their evil desires so I refuse to believe that it is only me and it is only you so I refuse to do and act like I'm perfect, the sinners I love and some believers I look up to... I'm grateful for grace, so thank God daily like I do.

Don't take this personal, if you do, I'm not sorry, cos what I'm about to flow from within me, through Him will make someone hate me for a while but will eventually see Him through me.

God, Jehovah, the only great provider of everything we could ever desire is the same as Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit, thank You, for this snippets of things uncontainable and not written down from when You came, I'm really grateful.

When I say God, don't get it wrong, it may not be your God because if the book you read does not put Him and classify Him as the top of the food chain, as the only One from Whom it all came, as the only One Who is without stain, your God is not mine.

My God is not Muhammad, Buddha, etc, et cetera.

My God is not dead and is second to none like all the rest are.

My God is supreme and above all like none others are.

My God is King and will always be what no other god can.

If you're with me, and believe Him, rest in Him and need Him,

Daily for survival, He's our Air and heir

So we adhere to Him because we know He cares for us when we were lost, and cares for those who still are...

Take a step of faith and share this message, let God use you, He will say, "Thank you for doing like I do".


Copyright© 2011
Tonye Bezalel Brown (under the inspiration of Yeshua)

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