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When you die

Remember, when you die, there is no more opportunity for salvation. 
Here on earth, while you are living is your last chance to get right with God. 
You know this now. 
Don't waste your life. Accept Jesus now. Submit to Him.  

Continuing on that note...
I'll ask you a question. It is applicable to you whether you're a believing Christian or not, a Muslim, Buddhist, etc or not.

What is going to happen to you when you die? Are you going to Heaven?
Before you answer. Here's a fact. A fact like "You breathe oxygen and you need it to survive whether you agree or not". A fact like "God, Yeshua, is the reason for you still being alive whether you agree or not". 

The fact is: 
"Heaven and Hell are real and if you don't have Jesus, you will go to hell."

Your answer: YES
Thank God. I'm excited and glad that I will see you in Heaven.

Your answer: NO
I'm sorry to say that if you do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior now and for some reason you die now, you will go to hell, and God might not give you a third(or more) chance. 
Please, I plead with you, not because I feel like I have to or need to but because God cares for you enough to bring you to this page to see Him call and accept His free gift of salvation so you do not literally rot in Hell; not just rot, but burn, stink, smell, get tormented physically, emotionally, spiritually, for ever(God forbid that it happens to you).
You cannot imagine it. No pain that can be on earth is close to the pain and suffering in Hell.

Also, no joy, no thing, nothing, not a billion dollars, not a hot wife, not sex, nothing at all can give you satisfaction except Christ and no satisfaction you experience here on earth will be even remotely close to what you will experience in Heaven.
I look forward to going to Heaven and seeing you there. I hope you do too.

Grace and love from Christ.
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