Friday, February 25, 2011

Losing yourself is the first step to living

Bezalel // 12:18 AM //
All I'll say is this...
Losing your life, killing your flesh, getting rid of that part of you that causes you to sin, the death of it, is your first step to truly living.

You cannot live or claim to be alive, that is, having Christ in you (Who is the Life) and not try to fight to lose yourself.

Those who gain their lives will lose it, those who lose their lives for my sake will gain it (Luke 17:33)... that's real talk there... and meat... so feast on it :D

This video(Loser? by IDR and Iz-real) is not just very well done, but very good for evangelism and very good for encouraging us believers to kill our flesh.

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Grace and love family.

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