Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 beats in 7 days

Bezalel // 4:51 PM //
So God told me a couple of weeks back to give out a couple of beats... so I decided to give out 7 beats, everyday I'll give out one and give you a Bible verse that I would reference If I was going to use it. I live Galatians 1:12.

Watch the video below to hear snippets of the 7 free beats that I will be giving away.
REMEMBER: All my beats are for Believers only, Believers of Christ who glorify God with their music. Terms of use:

Day 1: Walking on Water by Lecrae - True Vine Productions Version(posted)
Day 2: Be a man - Disney Mulan inspired beat(posted)
Day 3: Give it all to You (posted)
Day 4: I strive(posted)
Day 5: I'll wait(posted)
Day 6: I'm Changing - True Vine Productions - Hard Rock beat(posted)
Day 7: The World is Crying - Remixed(posted)



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