Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KB of Reach Records Mixtape - Who Is KB

Bezalel // 2:05 PM // ,
UPDATE: THIS MIXTAPE IS CRAAAAZY. 5/5. God bless Reach Records.

Who is KB? mixtape. Download it for free.
KB's newest project, his mixtape is officially out. CHECK THIS WALLPAPER OUT; IT'S INSPIRED BY A SONG ON THE MIXTAPE.

The mixtape (Who is KB?) is amazing... and the quality is top notch as expected from Reach Records.
By the way, I love the artwork...

So, go ahead and download the mixtape from Mediafire. It will be a blessing to you... I pray. Amen.
Download the Mixtape here or listen to it below courtesy - NEWH20

KB features Tedashii, Elijah Smooth and Suzy Rock.



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