Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reach Records releases Tedashii's new album cover

Bezalel // 7:46 PM //
So Reach Records has done well... this is wisdom in my opinion.

Tedashii's new album is being released a couple of weeks later than expected because he wants it to be fine-tuned (both sonically and lyrically I believe).

So Reach Records decided to wet our appetites a little bit by showing us the Album Artwork/cover for Blacklight.
I don't know if I should expect some electronica/techno-rap on this album, because, the cover has got me thinking TRON :D

I love Tedashii, I love Reach Records, most importantly, all glory be to God for giving Tedashii ways and creativity to convey the message of the gospel.

Tedashii - Blacklight - Album Artwork
BLACKLIGHT - Tedashii's new album - Album Artwork



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