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Tedashii - Riot - Promo Video for Blacklight

Here's Album Bio from Reach Records
Hidden below the surface of our seemingly authentic exteriors lie our deepest pains, struggles and inconsistencies. The unregenerate clothe themselves in the best the world has to offer, showing no signs of turmoil, while the transformed boast in the impenetrable armor they are privy to. But is it all a charade?
...


1. Riot
2. Rock a Bye Baby
3. Need It Daily feat. PRo
4. Can't Get With You
5. That Will Be The Day feat. Jenny Norlin
6. This Is The Life feat. Sho Baraka and L2
7. Last Goodbye feat. Benjah
8. He Lives feat. Flame and Jai
9. Go Until I'm Gone feat. Thi'sl
10. Get Up feat. S.O.
11. Burn This House Down
12. Finally feat. Shane and Shane
13. You Know What It Is feat. KB and PK
14. Dum Dum feat. Lecrae
15. Reverse feat. C-Lite
16. Bravo feat. J-Paul

Tedashii Promo Video for Blacklight - video still

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