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Behold the King HD Wallpaper

Yes!!!! Thank You God.
I believe God wanted me to give you guys this wallpaper as a free gift today. You see, God blessed me with an amazing gift today (not just life, not just family, not just food and water, not just a warm place to sleep, not just a family, not just Jesus, etc), but something relating to this blog.
Lately, God has blessed me with a lot of ideas for graphics for the Body of Believers... and I plan on delivering them all as they come. Here's the newest one by grace, a gift to you. Enjoy.

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Behold the King Christian HD wallpaper or graphic
IMAGE SIZE: 4.76 MB - DIMENSIONS: 3398 x 2198 Right click to save it to your computer.
Terms of Use: Must glorify God, clearly. Thanks

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