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The benefit of comparing a secular artist to a Christian artist

I'm glad you got interested enough to read this post. BASED ON 1 Corinthians 10:23 - "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is constructive.
What do I mean? I mean the typical comparisons we all here and probably may or may not have engaged in... comparing Christian rappers/singers/ministers to their famous secular counterparts.
Examples? Comparing to Lecrae to ****, C-Lite to ****, etc. I almost gave out names, but I'm definitely not going to tempt my fellow brothers and/or sisters by listing names... yeah, you read right.
The benefit of comparing a secular artist to a Christian artist? NONE.
That's right, absolutely none.

Oh... you thought that telling someone that Lecrae sounds like **** would make the person listen to Lecrae a lot more, therefore hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ  being preached, and get saved? Heck to tha N.O. NO!. God does the converting. He may use music/any minister/artist if God decides to. 
These comparisons are an excuse for people who wrongly (in my opinion, based on the Bible) listen to secular music, to console themselves for what they know deep down inside is wrong (sin). I hope that last sentence made sense :D

But my comparing this Christian artist to a secular one got my unsaved friend to listen to Christ-centered music and he/she eventually got saved.
Um... so what? Not trying to be rude or sound cocky. You sowed the seed... kudos to you. God did the saving... bigger kudos to Him.
That someone may now be saved as a result of you using comparisons to get them interested in Christian music does not make it right.

Summary (A snippet from a comment I made about this topic on
We do not need to compare Christian artists to secular artists. I don't think that is necessary at all.I quit listening to secular music years back by God's grace, and I honestly don't know how the secular dudes (especially the new guys like ****, etc) sound.... and I'm glad I don't.
New converts, new believers, even new listeners to Christian rap can get tempted and stray as a result of all these comparisons. Curiosity killed the cat, and it very well can hurt our brothers and sisters at the rate it's growing... these comparisons are everywhere.
I urge all the listeners, readers and reviewers to stop comparing our blessed artists with those not using their God-given talent to glorify God. I honestly cannot see any viable reason to promote these secular artists (unintentionally or intentionally) anymore than they already are.
Thanks for reading :D
Why you shouldn't compare a secular artist to a Spirit filled artist

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