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The best 2 albums + 9 videos

Okay, the most amazing deal ever available on
Get Tedashii's best two albums (IMO of course ;) ) and 9 videos all for $11.99

Blacklight + Identity Crisis + 6 Music videos + 6 Promo videos

That's the deal... and it's an amazing one for fans, plain old listeners (no pun intended) and for ministry/evangelism. So, buy it for yourself, for a friend, of course, as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Get Tedashii's Blacklight and Identity Crisis + 9 videos
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Grouptune in anyway, shape or form, lol. I saw this deal shared on facebook, and I did the same. ByTheWay, it expires in four days from now (4:06PM, May 9th, 2011)

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