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The Casey Anthony Case - Don't be too quick to judge

Almost everybody knows of the Casey Anthony case/trial by now. It's on every major news network, and some are more biased, others less. 
I have been following the trial, sort of, for a while, and honestly, I still cannot decide or bring myself to judge and say if Casey Anthony is guilty or not. She may not smile or seem to care sometimes during the court appearances and cases, but that alone is not enough to draw the conclusion that she's guilty. They may prove somethings in court, but that still doesn't guarantee that she's not innocent. Only God knows.

I would urge you to pray and ask God to take control of this trial. God cares about everything and anything going on in this world. Casey Anthony's daughter (Caylee Anthony) who was young when she died is in Heaven now (I believe she is since she really wasn't old enough to know right from wrong or accept Christ), so she's happy. 
Let's pray that God reveals Himself to Casey Anthony in her trying moment, whether she's innocent or guilty. Everyone deserves to be saved and she needs God right now because the media is not being too nice to her right now.

Do not be too quick to Judge her (Matthew 7:1 and 1 Corinthians 5:12). If you happen to come across her (in whatever way, I don't know how), don't hate on her but pour out love. Sow a seed into her life, and God will make it grow. 
We are the Body.

Casey Anthony crying

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