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Phanatik "Slumber Party" Official Music video ft Mac The Doulos

Phantik has been blessed by God with an amazing gift. Not only is his rapping style unique and mature, God has also blessed him with the gift of having music videos that are deep (I know, overused word probably). From the video on his last album to this one, his videos are just God breathed and this is the type of Christian rap I love: Unique, bold and unashamed... ;)

Here's my interpretation of a Slumber party, based on the video (Note that my view might be different from Phanatik's view):
A slumber party is this: When an individual, knowingly chooses to ignore, to give reverence and to pay no attention to God; Basically sleeping on God. The individual gives God no glory, and takes all the glory for him/herself. When people attempt to awaken (correct) this individual, the individual does not listen, or does so, but does not change. Basically, A slumber party is an individual the Bible (Psalms and Proverbs in particular) that is described as a fool.
Proverbs 14:1 - The fool says in his heart, there's no God. Get it? I hope you do ;)

Phanatik - Slumber Party - ft Mac The Doulos

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