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What if I said "I support gay marriages"?

Yes. You read right.
What if I, a believer of Jesus Christ, saved by grace, trusting God for everything I have, striving hard to worship God... what if I said "I support gay marriages"?

What if I choose to "be loving" and ignore the instructions of the Rock of Ages?
Being a coward because you don't want to offend a gay friend, classmate, etc is not helping them. They are heading to hell. God will hold you accountable for not telling them they're wrong (Ezekiel 33:8).

What if I said "It doesn't affect me or you" and ignore the teachings from His pages?
Sin affects us directly or indirectly. It affects those around us. God shields us almost 100% of the time, but if you're a believer, you have definitely been affected by sin... trials anybody? 

Let people do what they feel like?
Man first, God second = EPIC FAIL. As a believer of Christ, God's standard/stance is number one: Numero uno. Comprehendo? lol

Before you go all Chuck Norris on me, open your eyes, mind, heart and listen.

The first question you should ask is this:
Does gay marriage glorify GodAnswer: No.

Why doesn't gay marriage glorify God?
Because it's the opposite of what God's word, what God Himself says.

Need some references? is my Bible verse search engine. Put you mouse over the Bible verses to read them.

- Romans 1:27
- Leviticus 18:22
- Leviticus 20:13
- 1 Corinthians 6:9
- Jude 1:7

Clearly God is not in support of gay/same-sex relationships and marriages.
When God calls something wicked, and says such things will not be allowed into His Kingdom, that's a pretty clear stance on where God stands concerning that situation/thing.

Now if you a believer support sin, you are sinning. Hate sin. Call it Righteous Hatred if you wish, like Charles Spurgeon did.

So... do I hate gay people
Definitely not.

Do I support their lifestyle?
Definitely not.

I love sinners, I hate sin just like I love myself, a temple of the Holy Spirit, but I hate me when I sin.

By the way, the excuse "they were born that way" is not a viable excuse at all.
We were all made in the image of God(Genesis 1:27) to live lives reflecting that of Jesus Christ. Being Gay is 100% from the flesh (individual sinful desires - James 1:14)... from the fall of man (disconnection from God, therefore living anti-God lives), from living in a fallen world (influences from people around us, social media, etc) and hence, from the DEVIL. Yes. Being gay is from the devil. It's one of his schemes to draw people away from God.

I do not support gay/same-sex relationships. I never have, I never will. It is against God's standard/will.
I love you if you're gay... I'm not doing this to put anyone down, It's something that God laid on my heart to say... and I've said it.
Hopefully, in some sort of way, God will reveal Himself to you and teach you what a real relationship and marriage is supposed to be like... between a man and a woman.


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