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Angelica Zambrano goes to hell and sees some celebs

Confession: This video was really needed for me to get back on track again. Please watch it. It is very worth it. She saw some celebrities and famous figures who died within the last couple of years in hell also. Michael Jackson's dance moves mimic how the demons in hell move. Lord have mercy on me. Forgive me for not being a better witness, steward and servant; That was my prayer after watching and while watching this video.

Jesus told her to tell the Church and believers to forgive. Many people in hell are there for lack of forgiveness. This video is a wake up call for me. The gospel needs to be shared. We are at war.

Here are some extracts (warnings, cautions, exhortations) from the video:

1. There are kids in hell also... Dragon ball Z, Ben 10, pokemons are real demons that she saw also. Lots of kids that are in hell are there as a result of animations with the characters mentioned above. Those demons cause rebellion in kids. We need to wake up fam. Children need to be corrected with the rod when needed. Jesus who took this lady and wept over and over again at the suffering. Demons plan on how to destroy the believers and target ministers, pastors, evangelists, etc. But Jesus said and told her, that we should not be afraid because He is with us

2. Jesus took her to Heaven and showed her many of our well known characters in the Bible, all young looking in Heaven. Jesus showed her Mary, His earthly mother. God told her to tell us here on earth that Mary has no idea what goes on here on earth. Idolaters have no place in Heaven He said. Only Jesus is the way. 

3. God told her to tell the body to go back to the ancient ministries (older methods of evangelizing). Passing tracts, fasting, praying, going to pray for people in the streets. Angels are building houses in Heaven for us. But some angels work fast, others work slow... based on how we work for God here... evangelism, etc. Even flowers in Heaven praise and worship God. 

Watch the video for lots lots more. Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour also. VERY IMPORTANT.

Share this video and/or post with your friends and family... anyone even. Hell, Heaven and the rapture are all real.

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