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God is a good Father

God is way more than a good idea; God is a good and gracious Father.
His love for you and me and everyone else is amazing.
Some people think that God needs to take them through a crazy and almost unbearable situation to prove His faithfulness or His Holiness (quoting from my Pastor)
NO. God doesn't need to prove anything. And God does not take pleasure in our pain and suffering. When God talks about us going through tough times in the Bible, it is either that He is pruning us (disciplining us lovingly so we grow into the person He made us to be) or persecution from the devil because of our faith and love for God. And both never last forever.
There may be bad and trials, but it is for a moment. Joy comes in the morning ;)

People have different ideas of What and Who God is. Here are two of mine:
Number one: God is Love.
God loves everything He created except the devil. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, that person is a liar. Love in sending Jesus to die for us. Love in forgiving us every time we sin. Love in providing for us no matter how much or little.


Number two: God hates sin.
God loves you and I but hates the sin we commit. God hates no man. God is capable of saving anyone. But do not make the mistake of separating God from His wrath. It is as real as His love and it is something that you want no part of.

Something that my pastor said at the Church service today was this:
Don't lean [on] and believe everything people tell you about God; Go into His Word and discover His goodness by yourself.

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