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Humanity's history as bad tenants

Consider this a mini-plot. Actors and actresses after the snippet below.

So, we have this Master who planted a Vineyard. He builds a huge wall around it, provides everything we'll need while He goes away, then puts us (the farmers) in charge of it. What an honour right? Of course.
So Master goes on a journey and leaves the Vineyard for us to take care of.
Oh wow, it's harvest time. "I will send some of my servants to go and bring me some of the fruit of my Vineyard" Master says. He sends the first servant, guess what we do to him, beat him senseless, kick him out of "our" property empty-handed.
Master sends another one, guess what we do: We beat him up and kill him because we're pissed now.
Finally, Master says, "Ok, maybe if I send My Son, they'll respect Him and give Him some of My fruit".
Nah ah... We take His Son, kill Him, throw His body out like trash, all because of our greed.

Master............. God

Vineyard.......... Earth
Farmers........... Humanity in entirety
Servant 1......... People who are persecuted for the sake of the gospel
Servant 2......... Preachers/Missionaries that have been killed a.k.a Martyrs
Master's Son... Jesus, came, killed by humanity, rose on the third day (If the wicked farmers bothered to look outside the Vineyard after three days, the Master's Son's body would be nowhere to be found).

Harvest time...... Kinda self explanatory (meaning that I cannot explain it lol)
Fruit.................. Souls, people, everyone that gets saved.

In case you did not realize, this story is based on a parable told by Jesus in Mark 12:1 - 12

I paraphrased and interpreted as led... but that's not the point.
The point is this:

God put us here on earth as tenants to watch over everything (man, animals, etc).
We have been bad stewards. We have killed some prophets and even Jesus.

Thank God for Ephesians 2:8-9 and John 3:16
We would be dead if not for God. Thank God for grace.
Let's be better stewards.

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