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Shai Linne - The Glory of God - Live Music Video

I've not been the biggest follower or fan of Shai Linne, although I love the dude. He's a man of God, but I have not been able to listen to any of his projects (except for a few songs here and there). Well, that's about to change (I believe).
I came across this video of Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle (another gifted MC I know next to nothing about, except that his love for the Lord and beautiful heart show so clearly to me) on the stage doing Shai Linne's newest single, The Glory of God. This video just set me into a full blown worship mood/moment. It's only right that I at least share it with you. So, here it is, I hope you experience God and that God reveals Himself to you even more clearly:

The Glory of God - Shai Linne -  Timoth Brindle image

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