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Should Christians Date?

End of discussion. lol :D

Bad joke? Okay, but seriously, should Christians date?
This is a very important and popular question on google that lot's of Christians want to know.

Before the answer, what is the purpose of dating?

I would give an example of the world's view on dating, but the "beautiful" way that I will narrate it will bring no glory to God, so we'll skip that.

The reason believers of Christ date is different from the world.
That being said, as a Christian, the only purpose of dating is this: To find your wife or your husband.

You do not date someone just because that person is cute.

Here's where many believers get it wrong:You do not have to date a whole bunch of people from your Church, youth group, ministry or fellowship to discover who the right person for you to marry is. God is not an Author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33 - KJV). Ask God and He will tell you. #NoteToSelf :D

I almost want to apologize for this next statement: Dating a whole bunch of people shows that you're confused. When God tells you who the right person is, ask them out. Guard your heart and the heart's of your brothers and sisters in Christ till then. We both know that the heart is very much involved while dating. We, believers in Christ should not copy the world's way which is basically trial and error.

I'm not going to go into the issue of sex being a reason [and hidden motive] people use to claim to be "dating"; I have enough faith in God and the Holy Spirit, and know certainly, that if you are a believer having sex in a relationship, you are being convicted heavily to stop. Fornicators (people who have sex without being married) have no place in Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9). Sex was created only for marriage between a man and woman.

The answer:Should Christians date?

Yes. But only if the person you date or plan on dating is the person you intend to marry.
Why waste someone else's time and toy with their emotions if you think that the person is only good for you as a girlfriend or boyfriend. Everyone is worth more than that.

Also, I for one would not want some guy deceiving my future wife and leading her on when all he wants is her body and someone to call a "girlfriend". Why do the same to possibly another man's wife (or husband)? Valid question I think.

Dating is meant to find you a spouse.
And, this also has to be said:If you make or made a mistake and dated someone, and things did not work out, the problem is not with God or His ways, but with your listening. If you listen and trust God enough to do the leading, He will lead you and keep you from making the wrong decisions.

Before you ask a girl out (as a guy) or agree to date a guy who asked you out (as a girl), PRAY. Both of you should pray first.

God will answer. He always does (sometimes immediately or in His time). If you don't get an answer, maybe He already has answered. Do not ask or accept just for the fun of it. Bad bad bad lol

And finally, there's no question about this; it should be obvious: The guy is supposed to ask the girl out, not the other way round. A man is supposed to be the leader in the relationship and family (apologies to the feminists, but that's in the Bible lol... maybe it's not that funny? :D ).

Grace+Peace = /bye


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If you have any tips (whether you're married or single), share them with us.

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