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We go to Church because we're scared? Definitely not

So, praise be to Jesus that I do not listen to secular music at all anymore. But with that choice I made [in faith a while back], it also comes with me not following the lies that the famous guys are spreading.
Example: Jay-z says in his newest album that we believers go to Church because we're scared? What? I do not know any believer who does. Believers are soldiers, warriors, etc. We go to Church to get reinforcements and to worship our Creator. 
I never thought I'd add ignorance to Jay-z's list of achievements... but yeah, the devil used him to get the lie across and sadly, some people out there are believing it.

Now check this version out. Huge huge huge shout out to Jesus first of all. Then to the Trinity as well. And finally to Bizzle. Bizzle has been doing these remixes for a while and thank God for the growth we've all witnessed in his life. Listen to this version of No Church in the Wild and how Bizzle takes what the devil wanted to use to destroy and glorify God. I love it. 

Bizzle – Beware Pt. 1 (No Church In The Wild Response)

In the words of Bizzle: If it takes the devil showing his horns for you to recognize him, you're in trouble; Get in your Word (The Bible). 
If you are a Christian and it takes the devil to show his horns via any musician before you realize that the musician promotes filth, that's bad bad for you. We have the Holy Spirit who still speaks today. Listen to Him.

Secular music almost 100% promotes filth, and the filth they promote has got a bunch of demons with them. Listening to most secular songs opens up your door to demons. You think I'm being too spiritual saying this?
We battle not against the flesh. Our weapons are not carnal. Everything that comes forth in the physical has its source from the spiritual, be it good or bad.

Your choice. Be free, live clean, stay away from the stuff that corrupts your Spirit and soul. 
This walk is not a joke. Especially if you're a Christian, take this seriously.

There's almost no reason at all for a Christian to buy an album by Jay-z, Kanye West or any other secular musician, and I am being 100% real.

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Bizzle – Beware Pt. 1 (No Church In The Wild Response)

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