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4 Scenes from the movie "Courageous"

I really really really feel led and pressed by God to share this with everyone, especially the guys (men) out there.
Courageous is an amazing movie. The plot is fantastic and captivating, and it is one of the few clean movies that Hollywood puts out from time to time.
Okay, to make your decision easier, I am going to share the trailer for the movie and 4 other scenes to convince you to go see this movie. It will bless you and you can take away stuff from it. I believe God is behind this, and God really wants to see His male children take a stand and act like the men that they should be; To be different from the [unsaved] men in the world.

Official Movie Trailer:

Opening Scene from Courageous

Finishing Well

When did you...

Rich Man

Courageous is going to be huge blessing by God's grace, mercy and power.
Another thing I love about is the fact that is shows the issues with manhood across various races. 
Pray about this movie too. Let's ask for God's help so that as many men (and women) as possible see it. God can use this movie to sow a seed and change lives.


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