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7 easy tips for recording at home

There are tons of rappers and singers out there now. Some (and I don't mean a few) are very good but cannot afford to rent a studio or pay a producer.

Well, having been there and done so for a while, here are 7 easy tips, very basic and almost abstract tips for people recording at home:

Note: There are tons I could mention, but the most important ones probably are:

1. Pray before you start and while you are recording.
2. Learn to project your voice... different from shouting or yelling. This takes a lot of energy; eat before recording lol. Swoope is a pro at this.
3. If you don't have a pop-filter, consider wrapping your microphone with a cloth to reduce the air noises and clipping.
4. When editing, use a multiband compressor (or any compressor) on your beat/instrumental if it is loud.
5. Repeat step 4 on the master channel so everything sounds more uniform.
6. Use the EQ to give your vocals some shine and brightness.
7. Practice practice helps. But God's grace will help you more; so lean on grace more. Tutorials help a lot, but grace tops it all.

Also, having a good microphone helps and there are many good ones out there.
However, I personally recommend the Blue microphone Snowball. Plus, it's very affordable.

7 easy tips for recording at home

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