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Be thankful for everything no matter how trivial

Although this is not how God works, although God does not bless us based on how much we tell Him thank You and show our gratitude, although God blesses us and keeps us because of His mercy... imagine if we did not have the most "trivial" and negligible things we take for granted like our heart beat, like breathing, something as negligible as being able to sit-down or even move... imagine if God decided not to forgive us of anything or sin we commit? How would life be?

This video sums up what I was trying to say (successfully or unsuccessfully) about being thankful to God. We need to be thankful big big time to God for everything and anything we have... including those issues or "problems". God is a good God and deserves your saying "Thank You".

I know, wow. At least, I hope that's the feeling you got watching this video.

Be grateful and thankful to God.

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