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Forever Starts Now

What on earth could such a vague statement mean?
Forever starts now? How?!!!

Here's what I wrote when I made a new beat with the exact title:
Knowing that as Believers, we will spend forever with God, we have to live and have a relationship with Him; We have to live with the end in mind.
We also need to trust and believe God that we can get a glimpse of His blessings while we are on earth, be it healing, true joy, etc.
Forever starts now; Live with your end (in Christ) in mind.
The end of the world is coming, and forget all the nonsense that people are saying about when the end is; nobody knows except God. That being said, I'm not saying that the end of the world and thee glorious return of Jesus is not in 2012, it might be, and even might be in December, but nobody really knows when.

Forever Starts Now.
If you are a believer and trust and obey Jesus Christ, awesome, God bless you big time, and continue striving to live holy.
As a believer, you are now confident that you will spend eternity in Heaven with God, but why wait till then to start enjoying Him. Ask for more joy, and more peace, ask for healing, ask for self-confidence, ask for anything and begin to see a little bit what Heaven feels like.

As an unbeliever, this probably makes no sense to you and might seem dumb, but take my word, it is not. God is very real and is coming back soon; accept Jesus into your heart, love Him and serve Him. God wants you as you are, don't wait any longer.

Two things, See this link (and vocally say this prayer), then contact me, please ;)

And finally, the beat that I made in almost record time (in my book at least) titled "Forever Starts Now", take a listen and tell one of your Christian rapper friends to buy it ;)

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