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My awesome beginning to 2012

2012 has not been all perfect, I'll be a big liar if I told you that it has.
But it has been good and full of blessings.
There's one thing that God has placed on my heart big BIG time: To grow. To grow into Him. To press for our relationship to be at its best and I know this is very possible. Thanks for the grace to have faith God.

God is still Faithful
But that's not all.

Over the last couple of days, I've met a couple of believers and lovers of Christ online. I have discovered a lot of new blogs, new musicians, new samples on my computer that sound great.

Back to the people, these people have encouraged me. I love seeing people blogging, singing, working, etc for God. It encourages me.

So in all, God is good and amazing. He is alive and is treating His Bride, the Church well.
I know God is going to do big stuff this year. With God it just gets better and bigger constantly. I can't wait.
By the way, God's big way of using me (or you) might be something as small and negligible as saying "hi" to a stranger.

Sooo, I just want to encourage you to expect God to show up and steal the show this year.
Be open to God's call. Be willing to serve (anywhere) in your church and outside.
PLAY the background. Do not steal God's glory. 

I hope that someone gets motivated to join me in this journey to grow more. It is important. I want to grow and keep on growing.

I don't know the answer to that question completely.
What I know is this: God does the growing. Seeds will be sown, it will be watered, but God will cause the growth.
I plan on reading my Bible way more [read it twice completely maybe?].
I plan to pray a lot more. Prayer is needed to win battles. Every Christian is currently fighting one; winning or... :/
I plan to fast way more.

Well God just gave me joy and put this on my heart. I'm glad that God gave me this desire to want to grow even more. I pray the same happens for you too.

Have you had any testimonies in 2012 already? Please share ;)

God bless you and keep you in Him.

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