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A healthy take on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

I will be saying some things that may offend some people; black, white, Christian and non-Christians.
I will be speaking the truth. Let's get it into it.

The death of Trayvon Martin, who I believe (although I cannot say for certain because I wasn't there and am not God either) was murdered by George Zimmerman has brought to light a heart condition. A heart condition that we all try to believe (and sometimes lie to ourselves) is non-existent.

But first things first, I'll say this: I do not hate George Zimmerman.
It would be easy to; I am black. And I'm not psycho either; it's not alright to murder someone.

Yes, George Zimmerman was wrong and he disregarded authorities telling him to stop following Trayvon.
The right thing to do will be to lock him up and throw away the key right? Yes? I beg to differ.

Why are we "perfect people" first to condemn a man who's imperfection is now in the public eye?
Even better, why are "Christians" acting out in hate towards a man they don't know... and even to an entire race in general (this applies to all human races)?
We seem to have forgotten that we were saved from condemnation for something much worse than what Zimmerman did.

You see, Trayvon Martin's death has shed a bright light on our hearts concerning one another. Many of us have not truly forgiven someone, or maybe an entire race.
- Have we truly forgiven the people whose ancestors were racist?
- Have we forgiven ourselves for being racist or feeling guilty because our ancestors were racist?
- Can we truly forgive someone for hurting us?

If someone truly has been saved from sin and truly knows the extent of this great mercy of salvation, that person will not kill. That person will not hate anyone from any race.

This post is not about Racism. I'm talking about sin: an evil heart condition in man that wants to go against everything God wants. Sin makes people kill. Sin makes people hate other people; to be racist.

If you're truly saved, you cannot hate your fellow man. And the Bible says hate is as bad as murder (Matthew 5:21-22).

Yes, it is a lot easier to forgive a man who didn't murder someone I remotely know off, but I pray for grace to forgive this easily and even more so when needed.

Don't hate Trayvon or George Zimmerman.
Forgive George Zimmerman if you need to. Pray for him; we all need to.
Pray for Trayvon's family. We all should.
If George Zimmerman asks God for forgiveness, God will forgive him. God might even let him get off scot-free and we should all be cool with that.

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