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Can God save Kim Kardashian?

The answer any Christian will give (and should give) will be "Yes!".
That's awesome. Really.

But do we really believe it?

First, you might be thinking, why this post?
Has True Vine Productions joined the media craze and obsession with celebrities??! :o
Kim was recently on Oprah and said some interesting things. She said that she's a Christian and even goes to Church. I was shocked too.

Here's a Q: If Kim Kardashian showed up at your church today after spending the night with her current boyfriend Kanye West, would you let her in to worship God? Would you do so in love and all honesty?

I hope the answer to both questions is yes.

However, many Christians (and even some with huge platforms e.g. radio) have taken it to heart to bash Kim because she calls herself a Christian.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying SHE IS or that SHE IS NOT.
But we cannot see her heart and 91% of us don't know her personally, so how do we know she's not a sister trying hard to live for God? We don't.

The first accusation that is thrown at her usually is that her actions don't line up with that of a Christian. And of course, her bf, Kanye.

Question: How many of us constantly and consistently live like Christians all the time?
Answer: None of us. Nobody.

We all have moments where we act in sin and even enjoy it, but repent after.
Why can't this be the case for Kim.

She's constantly in the spotlight and her past isn't that pretty. Many of us would probably look as bad if we were in the spotlight before getting saved. Remember.

Her dating Kanye West and failed marriage is no reason to assume anything.

But like the Bible says, anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Also, if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, you will be saved.

I'm not trying to take you on a guilt trip. I'm reminding you to be careful with your words (spoken or typed) about anyone.
I'm not telling you to go like her page on facebook or not. I'm telling you not to dismiss her as a lost cause.

I'm telling you to pray for her.
The work that I believe God has started, let's all pray that it's made perfect and complete. It will be.

If God could save me, and you, why won't He save Kim Kardashian?
I believe God wants to. God can save Kim Kardashian. God loves her too.

Finally, let's not forget how we got to where we are. It's all God and His saving grace.
None of us were born any better. We all were conceived in sin. 
Lean on God's grace. And trust that His amazing grace and mercy is big enough to save even those the world does not like.


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