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Five Minute Friday: Expectations

Expectation: Is it the act or art of my mind craving something it cannot have or something promised to me a while back that still lingers fresh in the air like my roommates pot of coffee?

I crave Heaven.
The promise is and was good. It's still fresh in my head.

I crave to get a music project done.
It's going to happen soon, but I have to trust God and work hard.

I crave pizza.
The only food that I've wasted almost as much as my monthly shopping on :D

As with any expectation, adequate preparation is needed.
I need to learn that God's goodness will get me to Heaven not mine.
God's grace will get my album done not my skill.
And God will provide the cash for me to order pizza again... soon hopefully.

Expectations excite me. I expect to see a bunch of you readers in Heaven some day.

Five minute Friday: Expectation
I decided to join in on the fun after reading this post by The Gypsy Mama.
The goal was to write about "Expectation" in 5 minutes. Mine is kinda random :)

Five Minute Friday: Expectation - The Gypsy Mama

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