Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Ode to Shark Week

Tonye Brown // 11:16 AM //
Shark Week 2012

Make a toast to the sharks, you're reading another truevined act
It's here, best believe we're about to give the meaning a detour
You're walking down a glass pipe, its beauty is a fact
Feeling safe like babies in wombs but labelled as "food galore"
Climbing ladders, jumping bridges, aiming high for the top
That's your mindset, you see a door at the end of this glass pipe
Shark-sense smells you getting closer, wanna empty your wind pipe
Two steps to death, He piles some slippery pebbles to block the exit
"Your exit is a trap to make you dinner", His voice decrees it
Ignore it 'cause you're certain that CEO is His blessing
Gotta be the highest or your identity's insecurities will beacon
That cannot happen, being Christian is part acting
Fallacy, I know, but it's either look strong or be a weakling

Shakes my head, I didn't just say that, I guess I did, I was going crazy maybe.

Ok, I get it, I was dumber, dumb errs now I gotta dump her
My work ethic was evil till I made her subject to Yah
Walking out this glass pipe, a tunnel leading to the Sharks
Weak I tread on every week, rain washed the hard parts out my heart
Monotonously I nonchalantly restate verses I need around me
Sharks are cute in animations, meet them on earth, meet our Daddy
Assumptions cultivating in your cortex about this context
Singling out the sharks with fins will make you miss the context.

I thought I owed this Ode a paragraph, two down I'm still growing
One down, I think I'll narrow it Sharks need not get glory
Not saying eat them, or kill them, or make a coat out of their fins
I'm saying open up your eyes and see what lies within the act of giving 7-days to honour something who's best-known character is killing.



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