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How to make Christian friends in College

college-friends-on-campus Christian friends makes some
Note: Your College Christian Friends might not look like this...
or maybe they will :D .Be open to meet people from different sub-cultures.

Everyone is about to school again. High school, college, everyone. That's good. I'm kinda looking forward to it too.
But you might be wondering, "What do I do when school starts?! I've got no Christian friends!" Or "I need to get some Christian friends" or "Where can I find Christian friends at my new school?"

Well here's some help: For college students. If you're in high school, see How to find Christian friends in high-school.

If you're going to be a freshman, completely brand new at some university (or returning to University wanting to serve God more actively), as a Christian, one of the top-most things on your list should be to find a campus fellowship/ministry to become a part of eventually. A church should be way up there too.

1. Keep an eye out for posters on notice-boards and the like all around your dorm, student-union and classrooms announcing meeting times for the campus fellowship, ministry, church, etc.

2. If you're not sure you'll find the meeting place easily, get the number listed (if there's one, *fingers crossed*) and call or text asking for someone to pick you up at your dorm and possibly walk you back.

3. Don't feel compelled to join the first campus fellowship (or church) that you visit. You might want to look around to find the one that's right for you. However, God might lead you to the right one the first time. 
Caution: Don't become a Church-hopper. It's best and advisable to stay and serve at only one Church, of course, not counting the campus ministry you are part of that may or may not be part of your church.

4. Do not avoid unbelievers and form a Christian-clique. The point of us being believers is to share our faith with and/or without words. Have [unsaved] friends that you can be of influence to and not vice versa.

5. Look out for campus ministries passing out flyers on your School's new students' orientation day. Take as many as you want and prayerfully choose the ones you might want to follow up on. Kindly throw away the others you don't want in your room and don't speak evil about the ministries you don't like :D

6. Once you find a campus ministry, church, or fellowship you like, don't be shy; go to events that they organize for new students'. You'll meet other new students and make some new Christian friends in the process. And you'll probably get some free food too ← That's a win in my book :D lol #notKidding

↑ That's how you find Christian friends in college. Now go be a light.

Psalms 37:3
Like the verse says, befriend faithfulness. Find friends faithful to God and be friends with them and grow together. And make sure above all to delight yourself in God, not in people, things, your good looks (hello six pack abs) or grades. Seek God first and everything else will fall into place. 

Feel free to share any tips you have on making Christian friends in college below.

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