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The Olympics are over! What do I do now?

Olympic-Rings - Olympics are over

For two weeks straight, I got my fill of almost every sport I love and enjoyed the random sports I never took notice of prior to the London 2012 Olympics.

But it's all over, I feel like something important in my early morning routine is now missing. I miss the olympics!

I'll get over it. I have to; school gets back in session soon and life goes on. So, here's what I'll [try] to do to help me get over Olympic withdrawals faster:

1. Read some books. I have a more than decent amount of good [and uplifting] books sitting around. I've read like 5% of two, the others are eating dust. I may as well feed my brain a bit.

2. Bike more often. I live in the downtown area of my city. I have a bike (thanks roomie). There was enough biking at the London 2012 Olympics to get me pumped up to bike a bit more. I don't have huge muscular legs like the pro bikers do, but if I bike more frequently, I might have a six-pack like the swimmers do :D #notKidding

3. Have early morning devo's. I'll admit that many times during the last 2 weeks of the Olympics being covered, I neglected reading my Bible and praying as much as I should have. I plan to get back to it, God willing, sooner than later; I need to catch up on my reading plan. I'm six weeks behind on the daily readings :/

4. I don't like running much, but I might take up running when I'm going back uphill downtown where I live. I may not be Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake, but I'm blessed with two awesome legs. If you don't have a bike, run a bit.

5. Go out more. I've stayed indoors a lot this summer mainly because I don't like the sun (I'll get to dark) and it's working; I look fresh :D
But I could always hit up starbucks and go do some work there. Be around people instead of my inanimate living room. This is very healthy for your mental well being. Being indoors too much takes a toll on you eventually.

6. I'm thinking seriously about coaching, encouraging or helping kids get into sports a little bit more. Not only is this good for them health wise, it helps with them developing social skills and more. Plus, you never know if you might be the first coach, or assistant coach to a future Olympian. Think about the number of teen Olympians that won medals this year. That's a good look on your resume ;)

Those are my plans. God willing I'll stick to most of them. And... I'm off to work. TMI? Nah.

If you have any similar plans or fail safe method to cure Olympic withdrawals, drop them in the comments below ;)

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