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3 reasons why you should get Beckah Shae's album "Rest" today

Beckah Shae Rest - Albumart
Beckah Shae - 'Rest' - Album artwork

Beckah Shae's new album "Rest" was released today, September 4th, 2012 and it lives up to all fans and the like expect of it.
Better yet, I believe that it lives up to what God expects of her; Not once did I feel like she was trying too hard to be worshipful or doing stuff just for the sake of doing it. This album is very very authentic and I plan on reviewing it.

That being said, here's 3 reasons why Beckah Shae's album deserves a place on your shelf or playlist:

1. Like I said above, this album is so authentic and feels so real. It's a worshipful cry in adoration of God and being in a place of comfort in God.

2. This album does help you relax. Better yet, God uses this album to give rest. I felt calm and at peace while listening to this album.

3. Rest brings something new to the table in that it's nothing like what I've heard from Beckah Shae before. I love her pop songs so much, but this brings a very welcome variety to my music playlist.

There's more reasons and lot's more good things about this album, but I'll keep them for the review.

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Feel free to give this album as a gift to friends and family via iTunes.

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