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Don't try to make the gospel seem cool

This is a weird topic that needs addressing. In moments from now I'm certain that these issues will get a more public hearing. I needed to say something and hopefully get through to at least one person. Here it goes:

Many times it seems we try to pimp God out. For example, telling people that getting saved will get their life sorted out.
That may be true, but what happens when their life's sorted out? More than likely, they'll be that brother or sister, on faith, they'll walk out.

God and the gospel are cool and powerful as they are! ← I'm not yelling :D

Making the gospel seem solely as means to solve our selfish issues leads to belittling God and making "new-believers" see Him as a shortcut to getting their selfish desires. I've been guilty of this too.

Again, the gospel is powerful in itself. All you need to do is share our faith and let God do the work.

Uhh, so we shouldn't RELATE to people when sharing the gospel?
I'm not saying that we shouldn't. It is very important that we do.
Many people think that Christians see themselves as people who are perfect and never sin; we need to let people know that we rely on God completely and that we mess up many times too.

What I'm saying is trying to be trendy and cool which usually ends up in looking like a fool.

Like beating about the bush and going round in circles when asked "Is this a sin?", Ashamed of Christ instead of being a living example.

"Sure it's okay to get wasted as long as you don't sin"? What?!
The Bible was very clear when it said that we shouldn't get drunk, be given to much wine or to lose our self control.

Yeah, it seems I'm coming across as pretty self-righteous, but I'm not, I'm very aware of my own struggles as a bachelor.

Here's a snippet: Many times I'm not content in my singleness, struggle hard to read my Bible and pray, I'll rather be making music tagged hotness.
I struggle with keeping my thoughts clean (lust, porn, bad thoughts and similar), I'm nowhere close to the man I wanna be, but I'm so much better than me in 2011.

I learnt most frequently that sharing my weakness as a Christian while sharing my faith shows the world that being a Christian (in deed and action) is very possible.

Have faith that your witness as a believer through your lifestyle, choices, speech, music, etc, can be used by God to save people. Be normal. Don't be weird ;)

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