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Are you down/angry? Maybe you should poop more!

This is not a joke. I'm very serious about this. I also realize that some parts of this post may be classified as TMI (Too Much Information) but it's not nasty. I promise.

Pooping often can make you happy.

Every now and then, we get angry or feel down. We assume that it's because of some sin or something bad we did, and think the feeling is guilt (or like in my case "sad because of the sin in the world"). Maybe not.

If you've searched your heart and really can't find a reason for feeling down, you might just need to poo; go to the toilet.

Shocking? I know.

Sometimes the solution to intense stuff may be as simple as pooping... and don't fake-act "Ewww, that's disgusting... nasty nasty!"
Everybody poops. Nothing to be ashamed of.


I discovered this today when I was feeling kinda down. I was sad but couldn't figure out why. I knew I had to go because I hadn't gone in 3 days. Yeah, I've got steel bowels... or whatever it's called.

Well, I decided to let go, so I went and let go. And I was in so much joy. I came out smiling and telling jokes (my sisters can confirm this).

I seriously felt peace afterwards and I'm happy right now. Why? Because I pooped.

Maybe, there's some spiritual act of worship in pooping. Maybe not pooing regularly is sinful because it's unhealthy therefore making you guilty of not taking care of your body (God's temple) or maybe not pooing regularly is just bad, plain and simple.

Maybe your body gets stressed when you don't "go" as often as it is, therefore making you be unhappy or even angry and stressed. It's been widely said that healthier people are happier, and "going" is very healthy.

Whichever it is, next time you're feeling down, take a trip to the toilet. It might be very liberating.

This could be a good new year's resolution.

Toilet sign

Resisting the body's natural inclination to poo makes you fart more; your body has got to get rid of crap somehow.

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